Why the Magic Puzzle Company Jigsaw Puzzles Are the Best

Who else loves working on 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles for relaxation and fun? If you haven’t yet tried the The Magic Puzzle Company’s puzzles, I highly recommend these two-in-one eye-catching delights.

I own four Magic Puzzles. My kids like to get me these puzzles as gifts. I recently got one for a Christmas present.

(YES! This is a fun mom gift! Just saying. Or whoever, you are. Adults are hard to buy for so hint hint — why not ask for a Magic Puzzle?)

I’m one of those people who always needs a puzzle going. It feels calming and meditative. I love my puzzles. And no, I won’t give up the dining room table.

Why the Magic Puzzle Company Jigsaw Puzzles Are the Best Puzzles Ever

What Makes Magic Puzzle Company Jigsaw Puzzles Different

Straight Edges Aren’t Always Edge Pieces

One of the first things that is different about thes puzzles is ALL the straight edges– that aren’t edge pieces.

So you can’t start with the edge pieces like you might usually do in this puzzle. Or at least that’s how I like to start puzzles.

Because there are straight edges EVERWHERE in this puzzle! It’s wild! And for a reason, keep reading…

Build One Puzzle, Then Make Another!

The Magic Puzzle Company

Put together the first jigsaw puzzle that matches the illustration on The Magic Puzzle Company box.

It’s so cool!

But then, you get to follow the directions to make a new magic puzzle. Surprise!

Do you see the separations in the finished puzzle above?

Slide and swap the puzzle pieces that separate into a new puzzle with a large empty spot in the center. Voila!

Then, you’ll open the sealed envelope to find more puzzle pieces for this step.

You won’t get a picture but you can do this!

Put this puzzle together in the middle using the shapes and colors as a guide and you’ve created a new puzzle!

See the new happy witch in the finished puzzle below!?

Isn’t this so cool?

What Makes The Magic Puzzles Amazing

Fantastical Original Art

These are gorgeous illustrations, created by real independent artists. You’ll find worlds filled with magical creatures, cute little animals, cute little kids, mazes, streams, oceans, buildings, mushrooms, and more in these themed illustrations.

The Surprise Ending

No other puzzle allows you to move the parts and make a new illustration!

Easter Eggs to Search and Find

All the puzzles have a list of easter eggs to find when you’ve completed the puzzle.

High Quality Pieces

I love that these puzzle company pieces are sturdy and don’t have cardboard puzzle dust.

Made from Sustainable Recycled Cardboard

These puzzles are printed on recycled cardboard.

You can read even more about this company on their former Kickstarter page including watching a video about the collaboration between game designers, artists, and magicians.

My Top The Magic Puzzle Company Picks

The Secret Soup

A witch, yetis and more!

Buy on Amazon

The Puzzled Patron

Set in a fantastical tavern (with a pool in the middle!) this is from the series three.

Buy on Amazon

The Forest Feast

From series two, this is outdoors in the forest with gardens and picnics and a lake, among other things.

Buy on Amazon

The Mystic Maze

This was the first one I tried and it was fun to wander through the. maze with weird creatures and purple colors.

Buy on Amazon


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